Cruise & Travel Experts Holds First Companywide Member Retreat

Growing Network Celebrates Successful Gathering in Mexico

Cruise & Travel Experts recently returned from the company’s first-ever companywide event held in Cancun, Mexico at a GOGO Worldwide Vacations Resort.

The four day event offered its members training on Cruise & Travel Experts technology and member programs, one-on-one business coaching and advice from the company’s leaders, six local property visits, and several private dinners and networking events. The group concluded the event with a special farewell dinner and catamaran cruise.

“The power of this event, and really the whole organization, lays in its tight relationships with our members, as we really care about them and their businesses,” said Tom Baumann, Cruise & Travel Experts President. “We were able to spend more time getting to know our business owners, as well as share their struggles, success stories, and new ideas among the collective group.”

“I feel one of the most important things to come out of the retreat was the members spending time and getting to know each other,” said Mark Schiffner, Vice President of Cruise & Travel Experts. “We heard over and over again how happy they are to have more travel contacts to reach out to in the future and that this is a very beneficial aspect to their business.”

Cruise & Travel Experts plans to keep the collaborations and discussions from the retreat going through their interactive intranet site called One World. The unique program allows everyone in the company to see the other member’s photos, look up their expertise, and start a real-time discussion with one person or the entire group.

To learn more about the Cruise & Travel Experts membership program, call 800-590-1578, or visit