ClientBase Online

We offer personalized service every time you talk with a customer by managing your data centrally with the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for travel professionals. ClientBase allows you to manage trip details including reservations, groups, agent to-do lists, itinerary printing and invoicing.

ClientBase has live connect to third-party web-based booking engines to seamlessly pass agent login and client data to the supplier booking site AND import reservations from the booking engines back into your customers’ profiles within ClientBase. You can also print client quotes, or trip proposals to provide a format friendly print out of reservations you have made, maintain and track contacts and marketing programs, and so much more!

Air & Hotel

Our comprehensive air tool allows you to easily search thousands of air itinerary selections at once. You will receive top commissions from all major airlines on hundreds of destinations and you will be able to easily see the commission amounts displayed next to each flight option.
Other features include the ability to send clients up to four different quotes at one time, add a planning fee to every reservation and store client’s data in their personal profile.

We also offer full GDS access for experienced GDS users. We have amazing hotel booking engines that allow you to search hotels all over the globe for your clients. Our tools interface with almost every booking engine out there as well as GDS rates and give you competitive prices to choose from. Some of the rates are pre-paid, some post-pay and some are net.  Any of these options provide great rates for your clients, commission for you and some with high-end amenities!

“Wow, I just made a $1,600 commission for a business class air ticket through CTE’s Air Tool! I never even came close to making that much in air commission in the past.”  Vickie G.

Sabre Cruises

Sabre Cruises is one of the most dynamic cruise booking engines available!  Sabre Cruises has the right to boast as they offer access to 16 major cruise lines to book and manage your reservations. The best part is that Sabre Cruises can be imported directly into ClientBase and you can open your client’s profile in ClientBase to export their data directly into Sabre Cruises to make your reservation. There is no more need to type information over and over! It’s almost like Sabre Cruises becomes your personal assistant.

Reporting Expert

Reporting Expert allows you to access current and past commission statements as well as search for invoiced transactions, see open items and better manage your customers from any web browser. Reports are produced in PDF, Excel, HTML, or Word format. It also allows you to search for and return details of any transaction you have in our data warehouse. All this at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

CTE Phone System

With our phone system, CTE can provide service to your clients while you are away on business or pleasure. We provide more than just an answering service so we can access the programs you use to expertly service your clients while you are away. Please see our What’s Included page for more information on this fabulous option!

Your Business Website

Your personal business website is an effective tool to market to your clients. A Cruise & Travel Experts website template has been created for you to customize and add as much or as little content as you like to make it your own. We can help you add your business information, headshot, bio, specialties and more. You can also create your own special offer landing pages to market your own group travel or vacation packages to your clients.

Your website also features monthly Signature promotions, an updated travel newsletter and several professional online travel brochures that are automatically updated. The website utilizes a drag-and-drop, super friendly interface, a royalty-free image library, and ability to create photo galleries and slideshows. A mobile version of the site is generated automatically and you can receive detailed site traffic stats. You can easily access training webinars on how to use the website and we provide technical support to assist with the building and maintenance of the website.

One World Intranet Site

Cruise & Travel Experts provides a password protected intranet site called One World available only to its members. One World allows our members to connect with Cruise & Travel Experts support team and other members in a fun way.

The site displays a photo of each member so users can put a face with a name in our organization and easily collaborate with other members. One World also allows our members to view all important documents, forms, training information, vendor updates, calendar events, FAM trips, company news and more.