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Signature Travel Network Affiliation

There are many reasons to be part of a strong consortium – buying power, brand recognition, access to exclusive programs, and making your dollar go further through economies of scale. But with Cruise & Travel Experts and Signature Travel Network, there’s something more. It’s a laser-like focus on just one thing: you! Signature provides our members with a comprehensive marketing calendar so that you can align your local level marketing with the marketing provided for you by Signature. Other important tools that will assist you are also included on the Signature extranet as well, such as amenity information for cruises and hotels, specialty programs, global on location access, hosting and MUCH more! Our members are also invited to attend Signature Travel Network’s Annual Conference held each fall in a different exciting location.

Agent Support/Vacation Coverage (Optional)

In addition to providing a support team to help you operate your business, we can also service your clients while you are away on business or pleasure. We provide more than just an answering service as we can access the programs you use to expertly service your clients while you are away.

This service allows you to be away from the office with the comfort of knowing your clients are being taken care of. Additional fees apply for vacation coverage and it is not something you are required to utilize.

• This service requires you to use our Cruise & Travel Experts phone system

CTE Phone System

With our phone system, CTE can provide service to your clients while you are away on business or pleasure. We provide more than just an answering service so we can access the programs you use to expertly service your clients while you are away. Please see our What’s Included page for more information on this fabulous option!

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Golden Parachute 

Cruise & Travel Experts will buy your book of business whenever you choose to exercise such option. We then continue to market to your clients on a regular basis and provide an experienced agent to service your clients (at our cost). Please call us today for a detailed analysis of your business.

So whenever you choose to retire, or if life takes a different path, you can sell your clients to us and rest assured they will be serviced by an Expert. You just receive a check from us quarterly.

Annual Retreat and Top Producers Award Trip

All members will be invited to attend an annual Cruise & Travel Experts retreat.  Key suppliers and senior leadership from Cruise & Travel Experts will be present and available to help you grow your business.

In addition, Cruise & Travel Experts recognizes its top producers with an annual award trip. Each year we will focus on an exciting new destination that you won’t want to miss.  Read about the 2017 Cruise & Travel Experts Retreat


Are You New To The Industry?

Cruise & Travel Experts has partnered with The Travel Institute to help get your career in the travel industry started and reach the successful goals you have set for yourself.  Since 1964, The Travel Institute has been developing all types of travel industry training for all experience levels – from those new to the industry who need guidance on how to become a travel agent to experienced executives wanting to grow their management and leadership skills.

Through our partnership with The Travel Institute, you will enroll in a comprehensive training program with a syllabus that allows you to “go at your own pace” with text books and online lessons.  The more time you can engage with the training, the faster you will complete the lessons and begin your travel industry career with Cruise & Travel Experts.  Contact us for more information and how to get started!


We focus on what we do best so you can do the same.  
It’s that simple.

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