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“Choosing to partner with Cruise & Travel Experts has more than exceeded my expectations in every way. There is always support available when needed and an open ear to bounce off new ideas with. I look forward to continuing a long and successful working relationship with Cruise & Travel Experts.”

Gary Whitehurst, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“I would highly recommend Cruise & Travel Experts. Tom and the rest of the staff really care about helping us grow our business. They are always looking out for what will help us to improve what we can offer our clients. If I send support a question, then it is answered usually within 10-15 minutes.  I even feel comfortable calling the President of the company and having a chat and he always listens.”
Donna McClaugherty, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“I came from a company that I felt like I was just a number with and the turnaround time from support was anywhere from 24-72 hours to acknowledge my request for help.  Now, I am receiving same day results- not acknowledgement of my request, but actual solutions to my needs.  And I can turn those solutions into sales.”
Stacy Coggan, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“Because I have access to a myriad number of training resources, I am able to educate myself on all aspects of travel planning. The agents in this group see each other as colleagues rather than competitors; everyone is more than willing to help each other out with suggestions and recommendations.”
Colleen Atherton, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“Two things define Cruise & Travel Experts support: positive attitude and responsiveness. The team at Cruise & Travel Experts are personable and professional and genuinely interested in helping you solve your problems while helping you grow your business.”
Bob Shaffer, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“Cruise & Travel Experts is like a family to me. They have embraced me in the last year and a half like one of their own. Tom Mark and Jody have put together a wonderful team, the staff is always positive and their support is phenomenal. There is ample marketing, training and all the tools needed to grow any business, as CTE is growing, but still remaining a boutique agency with like minded members. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be a part of the CTE family.”
April Williams, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“This is my third host agency and I have to say it far exceeds the others I was associated with. They provide great training and support. I’ve been with them for nearly a year now and couldn’t be happier. If you are looking for a host agency I highly recommend Cruise and Travel Experts.”
Gail Combs, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“CTE has far exceeded my expectations as a host agency by offering one-on-one assistance, weekly training modules, a great resource library, superior back office support and a team atmosphere where you are encouraged to ask any questions you may have relative to the travel industry or even a specific topic a client may have. CTE is well respected and well known in the travel industry and a good place to feel like family!”
Alana Minear, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“This is my 3rd host in the last 12yrs or so, and it’s nice to finally have found “my home”. I have been searching for a host that meets all of my criteria, not only to succeed and flourish but to offer the high level of support & training. So often, independent agents or outside agents are left feeling like they are out in “left field”, not so here. I encourage any of you out there considering a move to research this company, they are truly awesome, and well known in the industry as being a cut above.”
Joyanne Converse, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“Cruise and Travel Experts have exceeded my expectations in every way! They provide tremendous back office support, quality leadership, relevant training and one-on-one help when needed. By combining that with their Ensemble Consortia affiliation and CRM tools, they provide a solid foundation that allows an Agent to sell to their maximum potential.”
Debra Gordon, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“I have been with Cruise & Travel Experts for just over a year and have been 100% satisfied. I have received unlimited training and support from them when needed. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and commissions are paid in timely manner. Other Cruise & Travel Experts agents have been very supportive as well. If you are considering a new host agency and want to feel like you are part of their family, then Cruise & Travel Experts should be your first choice.”
Scott Hunter, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“When you operate a travel business by yourself, you have to rely on your back room operation to help if a problem arises with one of your client’s trips. The answers from the Cruise & Travel Experts support team come fast and to the point and they go out of their way to help me figure out the best solution.”
Arnie Klein, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“Trust, knowledge and assistance are the most important things any travel agent needs. I have worked for and with Tom Baumann for over 20 years, and if he doesn’t have the answer, he and his team know where to go to get it. His team has earned my trust and never let me down.”
Lee Ann Green, Cruise & Travel Experts Member
“I have worked with Tom Baumann and his staff since 2000 and I am thankful of their high level of commitment, standards and knowledge they provide the Cruise & Travel Experts members. Each staff member works very diligently with me to ensure that I am able to grow my business and increase my sales every year.”
Gari Lee Johnson, Cruise & Travel Experts Member

Our Cruise & Travel Experts Founders created a unique travel company they would want to join themselves.

Imagine a business setting where you feel like a priority. Your calls and emails get answered quickly, the dedicated people who are helping you get to know you and your business goals, and you can contact the leadership team at any time. Cruise & Travel Experts takes great pride in the personal service we provide to our members and we operate like a small family business environment.

We want to help a select group of travel professionals grow their business. We are committed to keeping Cruise & Travel Experts comprised  of business owners who are passionate about their business, love people, and want to grow personally and professionally while having fun along the way. If that sounds like you, then you’ve found the right place.

Qualified individuals can benefit from these Cruise & Travel Experts programs and services:

  • Signature Travel Network Affiliation which includes direct mail and email marketing, turnkey websites, destination specialist programs, onsite destination access and much more!

  • Top tier commissions & competitive commission split

  • Integrated technology & unsurpassed support

  • E&O Insurance – Cruise & Travel Experts covers this cost for you, an expense you can eliminate!

  • See our What’s Included section for a complete list of benefits and program offerings

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